Indiegogo Campaign Update


There were a lot of developments since we launched our Indiegogo campaign. We received a lot of tips, and answered even more questions. Because we always want to provide the best to our fellow customers, we made some changes in our campaign, provided some more information regarding some technical details.

#1 –Updated shipping rates

Yes. The most wanted update. Is finally true. We managed to rearrange our cost structure and updated our shipping rates for our Hive Monitor System.

#2 – Referral model and free perks

Now you can win free perks. All you have to do is refer as many friends as you can. Every time you hit a new milestone you unlock a new free perk. It’s as simple as share a link.

Just log-in in Indiegogo Platform and Share your personnel Link, at the left part of our campaign.



The list of perks is segmented in for milestones. Each time you reach a new milestone you win a new free perk. See the list below.


Now, you get as many perks as friends that you bring to the campaign, and have the chance to deploy a Hive Monitor System on your apiary with a very limited investment.

Read more about the refer mode here.

Atualização da campanha do Indiegogo


Desde que lançámos a nossa campanha de Crowdfunding, já tivemos muitos desenvolvimentos. Entretanto recebemos dezenas de dicas, e respondemos a ainda mais perguntas diretamente. Como queremos oferecer o melhor aos clientes, fizemos algumas alterações na nossa campanha, partilhando mais alguma informação relativamente aos detalhes técnicos.

Estamos a oferecer produtos Grátis

Agora pode ganhar produtos Apis. Tudo o que tem a fazer é partilhar a nossa campanha a todos os seus amigos. Sempre que atingir um novo patamar desbloqueia um novo produto. Tão simples quanto isto.

Para isso a única coisa que tem de fazer é log-in Indiegogo e partilhar o seu link pessoal como na imagem em baixo.


A lista de prémios está dividida em quarto patamares. Para cada patamar atinge um novo prémio. Veja a lista abaixo.


Agora quantos mais amigos conseguir converter mais prémios ganha. Assim tem a possibilidade de instalar um Sistema de Monitorização Apis Technology com um investimento muito reduzido.

Guia do comprador do Indiegogo

promocional apis

A nossa campanha no Indiegogo está no ar e criar bastante reboliço. Pode clicar aqui para visitá-la.

Alguns apoiantes pretendem comprar um dos nossos produtos mas acham o processo algo complicado.

Para tornar o processo mais fácil publicamos um pequeno tutorial que o levará desde o momento da escolha do produto até ao da compra. Com imagens.

Descarregue-o aqui.

Indiegogo User Guide

promocional apis

Our Indiegogo Campaign is alive and raising a lot of buzz. Click here to visit it.

Some supporters and enthusiasts want to buy one of our perks but think that too difficult.

To make that proccess easier we created a User Guide that will led you from the moment you choose your product to the payment. With images.

Download it in here.

We lost our minds. Read the article to know why

Our supporters rock. They really do.

Our giveaway is running like crazy and a lot of people around the world already entered in the contest. We’re sending this email to tell you that:

We lost our minds – we’re offering the shipping costs of the beehive

Yeah, totally free. If you win the Apis Beehive you don’t have to worry about the shipping costs because we will send it to you. But (there’s always a but,…) we’ll have to reach a new goal.



Currently all the participants reached 18189 entries. To unlock the Free Shipment we have to reach the 20.000 goal.

How can we do it? It’s very easy. Just enter in the giveaway, share it with your friends and answer the question.


extra points


Hugely grateful for your support,
The team

* The free shipping is only valid:
– if you accept to receive the beehive at the same time as backers of the indiegogo (Mid January)
– for Europe and USA. For other countries we’ll have to arrange the difference.