Indiegogo Campaign Update


There were a lot of developments since we launched our Indiegogo campaign. We received a lot of tips, and answered even more questions. Because we always want to provide the best to our fellow customers, we made some changes in our campaign, provided some more information regarding some technical details.

#1 –Updated shipping rates

Yes. The most wanted update. Is finally true. We managed to rearrange our cost structure and updated our shipping rates for our Hive Monitor System.

#2 – Referral model and free perks

Now you can win free perks. All you have to do is refer as many friends as you can. Every time you hit a new milestone you unlock a new free perk. It’s as simple as share a link.

Just log-in in Indiegogo Platform and Share your personnel Link, at the left part of our campaign.



The list of perks is segmented in for milestones. Each time you reach a new milestone you win a new free perk. See the list below.


Now, you get as many perks as friends that you bring to the campaign, and have the chance to deploy a Hive Monitor System on your apiary with a very limited investment.

Read more about the refer mode here.

Indiegogo User Guide

promocional apis

Our Indiegogo Campaign is alive and raising a lot of buzz. Click here to visit it.

Some supporters and enthusiasts want to buy one of our perks but think that too difficult.

To make that proccess easier we created a User Guide that will led you from the moment you choose your product to the payment. With images.

Download it in here.

Win an Apis Beehive


Click in the image to enter Giveaway

As we approach the date of our Indiegogo Campaign, September 7th, we want to offer the first Apis Beehive to our supporters.

The giveaway starts at August 19th and will be alive 18 days. To participate all you have to do is sign-up.

As an incentive we are giving you the opportunity to increase your chances of success. After the sign-up in the giveaway share with your friends. The additional number of your friends that sign-up in Apis Giveaaway increase your probabilities.

Note that we are offering a beehive. So to maximize your probabilities you should share it with friends that are beekeepers.

Good luck!

Technical data

Apis Beehive

Hive type – Langstroth

Hive components:

– brood box with 10 frames

– flight board

– metal entrance block

– metal roof (outer cover)

– inner cover

If the beehive is for use with the monitoring system, it may include the temperature probe.

The 6 things you need to know about crowdfunding and Indiegogo

 apis indiegogo colmeia 2

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a financing model for projects or companies, where a large number of people raise monetary contributions via internet. Crowdfunding became popular in the beginning of this decade as an alternative method of raising money out of the financial system.

How it works?

Crowdfunding model is typically a match of three actors:

  • The team that is promoting the project. In this case it’s Apis Technology
  • Individuals or groups that participate in the project
  • An organization or platform that moderates and matches the projects to its supporters

What is indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform launched in 2008 that helps teams raise money for their projects and products. In this platform, teams can submit and present their products to the community and the backers can easily support it by buying or simply contributing with a symbolic amount of money.

Why Indiegogo is awesome?

These days’ crowdfunding platforms are the hottest place for the launch of hardware products. A lot of teams around the world that aren’t a part of big companies and don’t have access to massive amounts of money to finish the development and start production, use these platforms to meet their first costumers and, at the same time, raise the needed money.

In our case, we need an amount of money that we don’t have in order to launch our products and start the manufacturing process. By using Indiegogo we have the opportunity to sell them to our first costumers at a price below retail standards and achieve the amount we need.

How can you use it?

It is as easy as buying some pants or a book on the internet. The best payment platforms like paypal or credit card are available and the only thing that you need to do is to confirm the buying order and wait for the confirmation email.

Apis Technology will launch soon an illustrated tutorial so no one has any doubts.

Good examples

You’ve probably heard about Flow Hive. This Australian invention allows the beekeepers to extract the honey directly from the hive by only pushing a crank. The Flow Hive campaign achieved more that 12 million dollars, which was a record for Indiegogo.

Micro Drone 3.0 is the third version of Micro Drone and that didn’t stop the team from using Indiegogo to launch its most recent product and finance the development. The result was a successful campaign that achieved more than 2 million dollars where backers were able to buy a drone for less than 150$.

And what about Portuguese projects? Well, nothing as big as the projects mentioned before, but some with great results. Findster presented his GPS tracker for children and pets and achieved a significant amount of money.

Everyday dozens of projects are submitted to crowdfunding platforms. The goal is simple: to achieve the requirements to develop or optimize products and start commercialization.

Apis Technology is working hard to make our products affordable and a reality for every beekeeper around the world. In order to do that, the price of the products has to be as low as possible and for that we need money to optimize them and start the production. On September 7th join us on this journey.


September 7th on Indiegogo

IGG_Logo_Frame_GOgenta_RGBWe’re about to launch our products on Indiegogo. Now you can mark your calendar the 7th of September to be part of our campaign. We’ll release some more details meanwhile, but to make sure you receive all the news you should subscribe our newsletter and follow us on social networks.


What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a way for people all over the world to join forces to make ideas happen. Since 2008, millions of contributors have empowered hundreds of thousands of inventors, musicians, do-gooders, filmmakers—and other game-changers—to bring big dreams to life.

Using Indiegogo as our first marketplace is the best way to make sure that you can have access to our innovative products, in a safe and confortable way. If you subscribe our newsletter you’ll receive a tutorial on how to access and use the platform withouth any harm.

Last but not least: limited quantities available.

Soon on indiegogo


It comes a time when a project leaves the building. We’re about to start selling our products on Indiegogo and this is the best opportunity for you to experience this new set of tools for beekeeping.

This way you have the opportunity to:

– purchase Apis Monitoring System and Apis Beehive below retail prices;

– be the first to receive and experience our products;

– contribute to a living ecosystem of beekeepers

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and pay attention to all the updates.