Where we are right now

Hi fellow beekeeper.

First, we want to thank you for your patience.

The ability to deliver what we promised before, was a huge challenge for us. It took us months of works, a lot of changes in our previous assumptions and numerous talks with fellow beekeepers, just to design the best product, able to answer the needs of our favorite activity.

The size of the challenge was the main reason for us to maintain our digital silence. What started as project of one guy, is now the work of 5 people and it’s about to grow bigger.

But, it’s with great pleasure that we announce that we’re ready to hit the market.

What can you expect from us?

Read the details about each of these products:

  • App – We will let you test our App for free in the coming weeks. That means that you’ll be able to test and use the full features of the most advanced management App for beekeepers without paying any money and no restrictions whatsoever. In the following weeks we’ll disclose all the details about it in our blog, but you should subscribe in our site to receive the instructions directly;
  • Hive Monitor – we are dealing with the last details of electronics in order to provide you the best product of the market, for the lowest price of the market. We will start the shipment of the first units next June for a short list of units in Portugal, and will ship to a medium size list for Portuguese costumers in next October. We will start to ship for international costumers next January.

In the following weeks, we will show contents about the main features of our products, like features about inventory in our app or deployments and features of production with our Hive Monitor.

Keep an eye on us and subscribe to be the first the use the App and receive discounts.