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We’re still hiring.

Software is eating the world and this time it will come from bees. Do you want to be part of the team that will be produce massive loads of information about the most important pollinator in the world?

Roles & responsibilities

You’ll work closely with other devs toward the development of Apis Technology App. Main roles will be:

  • Develop high performance dashboards for data generated by bees. Yeah, that’s right, bees.
  • Cloud integration
  • Develop specific yet engenius solutions features for agricultural based problems.

Skills required

  • Experience of coding JavaScript, HTML and CSS,
  • Experience with node.js and angular.js frameworks,
  • Experience with noSQL databases

What we’re always looking for

  • passion for agriculture and beekeeping
  • passion for technology
  • passion to learn and think a lot about other technologies, environments and startups
  • passion for weird talks with co-workers

Where: Aveiro @ IEUA
Reporting to: Project Manager

If you’re interested send us your CV for info@apistech.eu. Don’t forget to name the position that you’re applying to.

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