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Maybe you’re asking yourself what APiS Technology is doing at the moment. Well, you’re not the only one. We receive everyday messages from people all around the world asking if and where they can buy our B-Hive Monitor or when the mobile version of B-App is available.

Right now, APiS Technology is fine-tuning the last details of the B-Hive Monitor system in order to start its production in larger quantities and to deliver the orders to the established partners that we already have across Europe. It is important to test the technology in different environments and to be sure, for example, about the batteries lifetime under different conditions or the network coverage in remote areas. Once everything is checked, the production will be faster and our partners will be able to sell our solutions. We estimate that you’ll be able to buy your B-Hive Monitor until the end of this summer, for those in Europe. For those in USA, Canada or Australia will take a bit more, cause changes need to be made in the technology itself.

Regarding B-App, if you have tested it you know that we’re still improving it and, since its release in January, some changes were already made, as well as the correction of some problems. Right now, we’re working on features about management and on the mobile version that we intend to release in July.

We’re working hard for you and in other several projects at the same time, bee aware!

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