FAQ: B-App

What is the B-App Software?

B-App is a beekeeping management software that allows beekeepers to manage everything about the beekeeping world, namely apiaries and distribution of beehives, operations, observations, inventory and schedule operations.

Is there a version I for desktop or laptop?

Yes, there is a version for computers which runs on browsers. The mobile version will be available in the first quarter of 2020.

Can I use the B-App offline?

For now, the B-App only runs in the browser, which requires an internet connection. In the mobile version the user will be able to register operations and schedule events without connection.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. We are compliant we GDPR and we make our best effort to make sure your data is protected. In your account go to Settings; Account; Delete Account;.

B-App Updates

B-App updates for the web version are automatic and the user don’t have to do anything.

How many B-Hive modules can I pair to one B-App account?

Virtually, there is no limit. One user can pair as many B-Hive modules to a B-App account as he needs, as long as he creates a profile of those beehives in the app.

Can I delete my account?

Sure. We are compliant we GDPR and we respect your data. Check the tutorial to know how to do it.

What is the difference between Event and Tasks?

The Event feature was designed to help you schedule those operations that you really don’t want to miss.

When you’re in the field, you may have a set of operations different per colony. And surely you don’t want to open one beehive two times. That way you can make Groups of colonies that share the same operations.

For example, image you have 20 beehives in one apiary. In Group 1 (for example 5 random beehives) you just need to check varroa level. In the remaining 15 beehives, a Group 2, you need to feed them.

In the B-App, in an Event you can create 2 separate Groups, with the specific beehives you need to manage and address the tasks you need to do to them. You can make more Groups if you need it.

That way, when you’re in the field, you’ll be able to check exactly what operation you need to make to your beehives.


  • You can’t repeat beehives in different Groups
  • You can repeat operation in different Groups