Tutorial B-App

Getting Started

How to create an account

To create an account, click in this link (mybees.apistech.eu/) or head to our Homepage and click My Bees. Then click Sign Up and fill the form. After you complete, head to your email account and Confirm Your Registration. You’re ready to go.

How to access your account

Every time you need to access your account you should click in this link (mybees.apistech.eu/) or head to our Homepage and click My Bees. Then fill the Log In form with your credentials and you’re ready to go.

How to create your first apiary

After your Log In, click Apiaries in the Left Side Navigation Menu. In the List of Apiaries page, click in New Apiary (check image below), fill the form and then click Save. Your first apiary is already created. From there, the app will ask you if you want to add your first Beehive to that apiary. You can do it then or do it later.

How to create your first beehive

Head to the Left Side Navigation Menu and click Apiaries. Then choose the apiary where you want to add a beehive(s). Inside the profile of the apiary, scroll down until you find the list of beehives (check image below). Click in Add Beehive. Fill the form of your new(s) beehive(s) and click Save.

Regular use

How to Save Inspections, Operations and Harvests information

To save information about an inspections, interventions or harvests, click Operations in the left side menu. Choose the Apiary that you want save the information. Then you’ll find three tabs for Analyses, Interventions and Harvests. You can add the information that you want to save. In the right side of the B-App you’ll find the List of Beehives. There you must choose the beehives that you want to save information. Then click Save and Finish.




How to add an event

To schedule a New Event, click Calendar in the left side menu. There you’ll find you calendar with Events already scheduled. Click New Event. In the form of New Event, you must choose the Apiary and provide some information about the event, namely the Title of the Event, Date and a Brief Description.

Then you can create Groups. If you only have one beehive or pretend to make the same tasks to all your beehives, you’ll only need one Group. Add the information to Group 1 by selecting the Beehives, Operations and some Comments if you want. If want to make different tasks to different groups of beehives, you should click in the Plus Icon and repeat the process in the Group 2.

After that, you can add tools and supplies to your event to make sure you don’t forget what you need. Just select the parts you pretend and add it. The list of parts will be presented in the right side of the screen.

To save the event just click Confirm Scheduling event.