FAQ’s B-Hive Sensors

Getting Started

How Do I Install the B-Hive (Stand alone) on my Beehive?

It’s very easy to install the system in a beehive. Following these steps, you make sure everything will run smoothly:

  1. Place the scale under the beehive
  2. Insert the 2 probes (temperature and humidity) in the beehive using bee’s entrance and then get them in the top of the brood box (if you have more than one brood box, do this in the bottom one)
  3. Install the temperature probe in the middle frames, where the brood is
  4. Install the humidity probe on top of the brood frames of the brood box
  5. Turn On the On/Off button that is located on the side of the box in the scale
  6. Sync the Stand Alone with the B-App and enjoy (Check below to know how)

Where to install the probes?

Your device has two probes. The one with the metal case is the temperature one. The other with the plastic cap is the humidity probe.

To install them follow these instructions:

  1. Install the temperature probe in the middle frames of the brood box, where the brood is.
  2. Install the humidity probe on top of the brood frames of the brood box

What do the buttons do?

The equipment has two buttons. One is located on the side of the scale plastic box which is the On/Off button. The other is located on top of the same box and its function is to do a TARE on the scale. To do a TARE, press that button and wait until the LED light up (the LED is located aside the TARE button).

What are the functions of the B-Hive LED’s?

The B-hive has only one LED. The LED has 3 functions:

  1. It lights up once when you power up the B-hive
  2. It blinks once if you press the TARE button and make a successful TARE
  3. It blinks 10 times (very fast) if the equipment is low on battery

Regular use

How can i see my B-Hive battery level?

You can see the B-Hive battery level in the dashboard of the beehive in the B-App.

How to check the probes?

Once per year check if the probes are clean. The temperature probe you don’t have to clean it. If the humidity cap is filled with propolis replace it with a new one.


How to replace the humidity cap

You’ll need a side cutting plier, one new zip and a new cap. Cut the old zip with the plier, remove the cap, insert the new cap and fit the zip to make sure it’s attached.