The location of the apiary is a determining factor for the success of beekeeping.

Before installing your hives, you must pay attention to some very important factors:

  • the availability of water and flora
  • you should try to protect the bees from strong winds and excessive humidity
  • access should be easy, in order to save as much time as possible and reduce work.
  • beehives should be at least 200/300 meters away from any kind of housing, busy roads and some animal husbandry to guarantee the safety of people and animals
  • the apiary must be at least 5 km away from another apiary, to make sure bees from different apiaries don’t cross diseases or other problems
  • you should keep your apiary clean at any moment to provide the safest environment possible for bees.

B-Hive collect important data from your beehives so you can have access to everything happening with your beehives in real time and be notified if something goes wrong.